Donate towards CM/SM research

There are number of ways people can help fund ongoing and future research into syringomyelia in cavaliers.

Genome Project

The collection of DNA for this research has been successful due to the many individual cavalier lovers that have contributed their time, effort and money to help with this vital aspect of understanding this disease. Information/DNA hasn't been easy to obtain because of the relatively low numbers of breeders that have been scanning family groups. The researchers still need DNA from certain key dogs and from other breeds to complete the study. Funds are also crucial. Private donations help the researchers on this project to MRI confidentially, cover international postage costs and defray archiving costs.  The researchers note that this is the final phase of this project and that your contribution could make all the difference - blood or money!  Donations towards Syringomyelia DNA Research can be made via Paypal. Entering the following email address at the PayPal site will bring up the 'SM DNA Fund' account: Donations can be made in several currencies using a credit card or PayPal funds.

For the Love of Ollie
Sandy Smith has written a touching book on her cavalier Ollie's experience of SM, entitled For the Love of Ollie, which includes profiles of many other dogs and owners who have confronted SM. Every book purchased enables a donation directly to research currently underway by a team of researchers in the UK and Canada to perform a full genome scan of the cavalier. For more information, visit Sandy's website for her book.

ACKCSC Charitable Health Trust
The Charitable Trust funds a number of different research projects into syringomyelia and related disorders. You can learn more about their projects and make a donation by visiting their website.